Friday, August 19, 2011

Making for Lost Time

Well, my first YAV year has come to a close. It was such a crazy time during the last few months of year one. CPC (Chinese Presbyterian Church) launched our first year of "Happy Summer English Camp," which is a three week day camp for Chinese kids to learn English or improve their English skills.
Me, teaching the K-3rd grade class.

It was so much fun working with the children. They made me laugh every single day, a couple of times they made me laugh when I really shouldn't have been laughing. It was a truly life enriching experience to be able to improve their communication skills and begin to prepare them for their next steps in the regular classroom. 

Most all it helped me affirm my passion for working with children. Even though I had some days where I was ready to give up, I knew the next day could be better. So I would spend time after all the children left each day to prepare for our next time 

together. My favorite time with the kids was when we would go outside to blow bubbles or write with sidewalk chalk. Seeing them so joyful and willing to express themselves was such a blessing. 

As soon as Happy Summer English Camp (HSEC) came to a close, it was time to gear up for Vacation Bible School (VBS). Our theme for VBS this year was "God is Wild About You!" It was a blast since I got a chance to focus on what I do best, crafts! We had a new story each night, but tried to really focus on conveying the message of God's love for those of our children and youth who are new to not only America, but Christianity as well. 
The Story of Esther Play!
Then as everything began to calm down and my first year with CPC began to come to a close I got a chance to share my gratitude and year through a sermon (you can find it on the "Things You May Like" page).

After all us YAVs packed away their things, and prepared to leave the Blue House it was time for our final retreat, and our final days together. We got to go our closing retreat in Navarre Beach, FL. It was a really beautiful place and we had a lot of fun in the gulf and watching cable! Our lastnight at the beach was a very emotional one, as we did washing of the feet. It's really hard to say good-bye to such a roller-coaster ride of a year. But I know that all of my roommates are for better or worse apart of my life altering year in New Orleans.
All the 2010-2011 YAVs & Mentors and Kathy

I will be starting my experience over with a new house and new set of roommates, which is kinda stressful and exciting at the same time. I am just hoping that all these new YAVs will be open to my sage advice (this is sarcasm). I hope that despite my tendency to abandon my blog when I am not feeling inspired enough to write, has not scared off all five of my avid readers. I will do my best in my new year and new adventures to keep you clued in so I do not have to make up for lost time.

 Thanks to all of you who have been so supportive over last year and I pray that you will keep me in your prayers and continue to support me.

Hence my diatribe...