Sunday, September 12, 2010

Catch of The Day

Perhaps one of the most fabulous things about Louisiana is the outstanding seafood. While the oil spill has caused multiple fisheries to close, the seafood here is still good and available. Good may be an understatement, it is outstandingly delicious actually. Today my roommate and fellow YAV Lauren and I attended the New Orleans Seafood Festival. There were a ton of restaurants with booths dispensing everything from charbroiled oysters
Oysters Roasting

 to shrimp and crawfish penne pasta. I sampled as much as my stomach would allow and got a delicious snowball (snow cone or shaved ice for my east-coast readers).

We then checked out the arts and crafts merchandise available at various tents. There was some really cool prints of local scenes around New Orleans, and were I flushed with extra cash I would have walked off with a couple of them. I really wanted to be able to post some pictures of the crafts, but most tents were not allowing photography.

It was outstandingly hot but if you could catch some shade, it was comfortable enough to hang around for the live music. I got to hear the musical styling of The Boogiemen and Luther Kent. They were both fun and talented bands, however I must say I really wish I could have caught Rebirth Brass Band ( that played on Saturday.
Rebirth Brass Band

All in all, as Lauren so eloquently states it was a “wonderful jaunt” about the amazing city of New Orleans. Lets remember folks that the seafood from here is not contaminated and is safe to eat, so purchase and enjoy. The people in the fishing industry here need to go back to work, and wouldn't that be what you would someone else to do for you? Hence, my diatribe on Louisiana seafood. 

Peace and Love  

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