Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wednesday Reflections

We are all sitting around tonight in the Blue House aka Andrew House listening the musical styling of a Mr. Evan Ponder. It is a truly relaxing experience to enjoy his amazing talent, oh and did I mention he baked oatmeal cookies? Be envious. The girls of the blue house are a lucky group.

Last night a few roommates and I went to go experience some original New Orleans jazz, in the form of the Rebirth Brass Band at the Maple Leaf. It was life changing for me. I have never been a jazz fan, but the sounds of the Rebirth are like no other jazz I have ever heard. I was dancing and singing so much that my legs ached this morning. I believe they will be having an album coming out sometime in November (fingers crossed).

Even though orientation is over, we have been continuing having meetings here about community, living simply, and spiritual formation. Today we split in half and did a scavenger hunt that Lauren, Evan, and Tasha thoroughly won. I then decided I officially was uncompetitive and rightly named our team “Epic Fail.” We did not actually do that poorly. We simply lacked the appropriate motivation.

That concludes my Wednesday reflections, and stay tuned for more.

Peace and Love. 

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