Wednesday, October 27, 2010

emotional rollercoaster

Oh to be a Saints fan post super bowl championship. I suppose with my years put in with the Wolfpack (N.C. State) I should be used to such a consistent build-up followed by a crushing let down. I am mostly feeling the stress of getting everything done for all the different things I am doing for my job. I have random lists on all kinds different pieces of paper. I know I have heard many of my elders express that once you get older your memory starts to dissipate. So what's my excuse? I suppose it's just my general nature to not be terribly concerned with details, however I am now in desperate need to remember, recall, and execute everything that is said to me. It keeps me up at night on a regular basis. 

On the other side of this I honestly cannot find the words to express how much of a relief it is to come home to the best roommates ever. They always let me vent, followed by making me laugh, followed by handing me a frosty beverage. I cannot get enough of shouting movie quotes at one another, and then busting gut over silly stuff. It is necessary to have some comic relief, when we are stuck in such a crazy situation.

It's strange to work in Kenner/Metairie where things seem so normal and together after Katrina, and then live in New Orleans where five years later the city is still a mess. It's tough to live in the neighborhood we do. I worry about taking the trash out at night. Apart of my year is to be immersed in the community and culture, so far, mission accomplished. 

I am really looking forward to Halloween. My roommates and I are dressing up as Mario Bros characters. I am dressing up as YOSHI. It is going to a lot of fun. 

It is a series of positives and negatives while I am working my way through this year of work, discernment, spiritual growth, and intentional living. Most days are emotionally draining, but I wouldn't trade anything for this experience. 

Hence my diatribe...

I would also like to acknowledge that today is my little sister Maggie's 21st Birthday. Happy Birthday Sissy.

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  1. Love you roomie!! I know it's a crazy ride. At least we are all in it together and don't have to brave it alone. I know things get nasty but gosh darn it they always get better. Cheers!