Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Halloween has been under fire for many years. I am pretty sure most people are aware of the pros and cons. However, this year it seems the pumpkin guts hit the fan when it was put in motion that Halloween be switched to Saturday. I was really surprised by how heated people got by this. 

I was listening to the radio and this women verbally accosted the radio host in the name of the Lord. Being that her idea was it was "unholy" to have Halloween on a Sunday. 
When people like this pop up on media outlets like the radio I just feel sick. I mean really? Are we still of the mind that our beliefs give us the right to go around chastising people and feeling superior in the name of our God? I certainty hope not. 

Okay, so there are people who feel that Halloween is about the devil and celebrating evil things. Those people are totally entitled to feel how they want to. The same way other people are entitled to see Halloween as a time to let kids be creative and dress up in costumes, and then let them fill themselves with sugar. While, throwing a Christian "Fall Festival." 

Here is 's 3rd option for Halloween:
Christian hybrid Halloween.

It’s not Halloween, it’s not. Is it held in October? Yes. Do kids get candy? Yes. Do kids dress up? Yes. Are there pumpkins involved? Yes. But it’s not Halloween, it’s a “Fall Festival.”
Also, I really don't understand the response from those who don't consider themselves religiously affiliated. I read on facebook a certain persons response to the question "Why is Halloween being moved to Sunday" to be that, "They feel like they know "best" and should set an example for all us unwashed masses and shove their fear-based "beliefs" down our throats." Does it make you any more of person to direct so much anger and hatred at an entire religion. If you feel that you need to use the word "they" to cover what you are about to speak on, here is my suggestion, don't say anything else. 
I am just ready for a time where we can all relax and respect everyone's ability to make their own choices. Here is a what I consider to be a pretty practical response to all of this. 
If in your community (whatever that may be) you want to keep the trick o' treating on actual Halloween, go ahead and do that. If you want to switch to Saturday, so you can have your party on a Saturday and not be to tired for work in the morning on Monday, do that. Perhaps you want to watch the Saints game on Sunday evening and you want trick o' treating to happen on Saturday, hey you knock yourself out Saints fan. 
Also, no matter what your personal choice or group decision turns out to be you don't try to make it out to be any thing besides what it is. We could all use a little less animosity and a little more acceptance. Not everything in life is about one thing, and ultimately what I choose to do will be just that. 
Hence my diatribe...

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