Sunday, October 10, 2010

I have Stockholm syndrome?

When someone is kidnapped sometimes as a coping mechanism they start to identify with their kidnapper and they call this behavior Stockholm syndrome. Okay, so I have clearly not been kidnapped, however I believe slowly but surely I have come to identify myself as a New Orleanian. I root for the Saints with all of my energy, and take it as a personal downfall when they do not win. My current food of choice is fried catfish and gumbo. Furthermore, I am totally in favor of the drive-thru daiquiris and I cannot seem to understand why other states have not picked-up on this brilliant invention. I do believe that Louisiana is creeping its hooks into me and I am not sure if I should be excited or slightly worried.

On a more important note I recently went to a lecture at Loyola University, called “A Women’s Work is Never Done: Reforming and Rebuilding New Orleans.” It was about the history of women’s work in New Orleans, and the leadership of women through Hurricane Katrina and afterwards. There was woman from the Broadmore community who was a leader in her community before Katrina, and following helped to fight to keep her community and not let it go to “green space.” There is now a new school, library, and community center. There was also another amazing woman from the group Women of Storm. What is truly important about mentioning this woman is her passion towards saving the coastline and wetlands of Louisiana. So to anyone reading this please take the time to "Be The One"and go sign the petition at or (where you watch the video seen above)

I got to recently take a personal step forward towards rebuilding the wetlands through my YAV community day where myself and my fellow YAVs worked for Bayou Rebirth propagating horse grass. The plants we duplicated will be fostered in their makeshift ponds and then replanted into either a bayou or a rain garden ( is a planted depression that allows rainwater runoff from impervious urban areas like roofs, driveways, walkways, parking lots, and compacted lawn areas the opportunity to be absorbed). A rain garden has already been created in the Lower Ninth Ward and it is planned to be the largest in the city. 

Take it from a New Orleanian these wetlands and Louisiana in total is worth saving. 

I leave you with a non-partisan battle cry:

"Rebuilding the City of New Orleans is not just good for the Gulf Coast or the State of Louisiana . It's good for our nation." - President Barack Obama 

"It's necessary for every member of Congress to come down here. You can't appreciate the enormity of it until you come down here. We have an enormous long-term environmental challenge here. I am doing what is necessary." - Sen. John McCain 

Peace and Love 


  1. San Marcos has a drive thru for drinks you just need to keep the lid on them, the wetlands are crucial to our nation and living on the gulf with wetlands here in tx and also watching for kind of grows on you to be the best environmental steward that you can...but the saints? i have to say go bobcats!

  2. Awesome Post roommate! New Orleans has indeed kidnapped us but in a totally healthy way. :)

    And way to sound super smart about those rain gardens. You used the phrase "planted depression."

    Please come home soon!